Educate, inspire and elevate the overall health & wellness of those who imbibe so that they might feel, function and look better while living longer to enjoy more experiences (and drinks with family and friends.

We inspire the world to EYB through events, apparel, education, community & media. We will create a unique well-branded experience and show the world that your alcohol or
hospitality brand “gets it” and understands the importance of a healthy & fulfilled lifestyle by aligning your brand with our messaging and community of health-conscious bartenders, industry workers and consumers.

Our corporate wellness solutions are designed to improve the happiness, health and productivity of liquor and hospitality employees.  We work with you team 1-on-1 in your town to initiate real change from within your company or create unforgettable consumer-facing experiences to highlight your brand.

It does not matter to us whether you run, hike, lift, WOD, yoga, bike, swim…Just do what you need to do to earn yourself a damn good drink  Founded in 2017 by Navy Veteran Justin Cross & Drink Blogger Elliott Clark, EYB is a proud supporter of our troops and veteran-focused charities.

Want to work with us?  Business inquiries please email: cheers@earnyourbooze.com

Our apparel is perfect for the gym, bar or on the town! Join us on Instagram and show us how you like to EARN & ENJOY your booze