March 02, 2021 1 min read

When you think of Switzerland, whiskey probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, the Appenzell Whiskey Trek is one on the most unique adventure excursions that EYB Global Ambassador Jeff Bradford has ever completed and that says a lot given that he is a retired member of US Army Special Forces.

Locher Brewery, one of the local Appenzell beer breweries, started making whisky back in 1999. In 2010, whisky expert Jim Murray named the Appenzeller Säntis Malt “Dreifaltigkeit” European Whisky of the Year.

The single malt whisky is named after Mount Säntis, the highest peak within the Alpstein mountains in Appenzell.

After successfully selling their whisky in a few mountain inns, the idea of a whisky trek was born. Barrels of whisky were carried up the mountains to the 26 inns spread throughout the Alpstein. Thanks to the different barrels used as well as the height and climate conditions of each inn, every whisky tastes different.

When you hike up to one or more of these mountain inns, you can reward yourself with a glass of this special whisky while enjoying amazing views.

Watch this video to view the spectacle of the whiskey trek for yourself!

If you have come this far, you probably love whiskey as much as we do so feel free to take advantage of this special discount code for our Whiskey & Bourbon Apparel!



Justin Cross
Justin Cross

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