Holly Graham
Managing editor DriNK Magazine
IG: @hollygrahamdrinks
Location: Hong Kong

Current occupation & background: I’m London born and bred but have been based in Asia for the last 8 years, living in rural Thailand, Seoul and now Hong Kong. I’m currently the Managing Editor of DRiNK Magazine Asia, the region’s leading bar industry platform covering all things booze and hospitality in 15 countries.

During my previous role as Food and Drink Editor of Time Out Hong Kong, I published two restaurant and bar guide books among other achievements, but most importantly, it’s where my love for all things hospitality truly blossomed. I’m also a budding bartender, and can occasionally be found moonlighting at The Old Man Hong Kong, 10th on the World’s and 5th on Asia’s 50 Best Bars lists.

Favorite drink: Gosh where to start? It’s like asking a parent to choose their favourite child! When it comes to classics, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Daiquiri or 20th Century, but – and no bias – one of my favourite cocktails of all time is The Sun Also Rises at The Old Man Hong Kong. The blend of copra fat-washed Applejack, curry leaf infused gin, sweet vermouth sous-vide pandan leaves and kaffir lime is just incredible. I’m also big on agave spirits and whisky, but you’ll more often than not see me knocking back shots of my greatest love, Fernet Branca.

2) What does it mean to you to “Earn Your Booze”?
To me, it means to maintain balance in life. Imbibing is as much a passion as it is an occupational hazard for me, and if I didn’t stay active, I’d probably be racked with guilt and not feeling so fit! You gotta burn to earn! It’s me saying to the world “Yeah I may have had a million cocktails last night but you know what, I get shit done too!”

3) How do you EYB?
What is your preferred way of working out, staying active and burning calories. Despite its concrete jungle reputation, over half of Hong Kong is national parks, and we’re blessed with some of the most awesome hiking trails in the world so you’ll often find me up a mountain, and also just walking everywhere I can. I’m also a boxer and I’m about to begin training for a fight eek!

I’m also in my second season of dragon boating and love being out on the water come rain or shine. I’m also getting back into weight lifting because cardio isn’t really my jam and I just love feeling strong.

4) Please describe one of your favorite or most frequent workouts. Give us an example of one of your favorites
I love squatting and deadlifting and fortunately, women are now a lot more open to weight lifting but I’d love to encourage more babes to grab bars before they hit the bar! Same with boxing – it’s such a good all round workout and you don’t ever have to spar if that’s not your thing. You’ll still get a great burn.

5) What advice do you have for those who want to EYB and improve their health/fitness?
Hydrate all the goddamn time. Especially if you are a boozer like me. Water is your friend in fitness and partying. Magnesium has also been one of my secret weapons to (almost) banish DOMS and just feel good. Make time for exercise but if you can’t – walk everywhere, you’ll feel better just for moving. When it comes to nutrition, intermittent fasting has helped me a little but just always go and buy a bunch of fresh groceries from the market at the beginning of the week.
If you don’t have food in the house, you’ll just end up eating out and there’s no better feeling than a full fridge! Keep your diet balanced but if you want the cocktail, drink the cocktail. If you want the pizza, eat the pizza. But just get straight back in the game the next day or meal. I’m also learning the importance of spending money on my health as I get older. Buy better quality produce, get a personal trainer for a few sessions to help you figure out fitness, go to the physio if you hurt yourself – it’ll pay you back in the future to just take care of your body.
I think the number one thing that actually keeps me on track is just accepting that life happens: sometimes we miss workouts because we’re busy, sick, injured or hungover; sometimes we eat junk food because we want a treat – and that’s all perfectly fine. Accept that and don’t let the guilt take over because that’ll just throw you off track. If you’re too hard on yourself, you’ll never get through this life happy!