Contributed by Dan Q. Dao
Posted on Jan 03, 2019

While bartending can be a rewarding, lucrative profession, the job comes with a distinct set of personal challenges. From the inconsistent late hours to overabundant access to alcohol, it takes a certain amount of discipline to be a successful bartender who also maintains a healthy lifestyle. Not that it’s impossible to enjoy the finer things in life while also looking and feeling good—you just have to earn it.

That’s the idea behind Earn Your Booze, a new lifestyle company that promotes physical and mental wellness for bartenders and other service-industry professionals. Founded in Phoenix by former brewer and Navy veteran Justin Cross and the cocktail blogger behind Apartment Bartender, Elliott Clark, the company hosts a variety of programs that run the gamut from poolside yoga to a bootcamp-and-booze workshop.

“‘Earn your booze’ is something I started saying when I’d go to the gym, as a kind of slogan,” says Clark. “With Apartment Bartender, I’m always around spirits and food. When I met Justin, he had just left the brewery he was working at and was also very much into fitness. So we started it as a reminder for ourselves that if we were going to be in the world of booze, we’d do something to earn it.”

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