By Nickolaus Hines
Nov 1, 2018

There’s only one body part named after beer, and it’s not flattering: The beer gut. It’s plagued the casual beer drinking class for about as long as there’s been a casual beer drinking class. Beer guts are so common you’d think people would have figured out a quick fix, but here we are.
A couple of veterans and drink lovers in Arizona believe they’ve landed on a solution, though. Alcohol doesn’t have to be a weight-gaining vice that’s going to ruin all the hard work you put in at the gym, you just have to earn it. That’s the idea behind Earn Your Booze, a company started by Justin Cross, a brewer; Elliott Clark, the man behind the Instagram account Apartment Bartender; and Danny Page, a fitness nutrition specialist certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

It all started when Cross was in the Navy. His service demanded a high level of fitness, “but a good sailor also knows how to throw down some rum and beer,” Cross tells He became embedded in the brewing and nightlife industries when starting a brewery after his service.

Cross quickly learned that health and wellness were parts of life that people in the alcohol industry needed some help with, so he started working with brewers and bartenders to teach them how to lose the beer gut and feel better overall. Clark’s mantra at the gym was that he was earning those drinks he knew he was going to have later, and the two stuck with that idea. They trademarked Earn Your Booze, and the brand was born.
“It’s very easy to let the drinking and late night lifestyle get away from you,” Cross says. “Increasing your fitness level, reducing alcohol consumption, and embracing a mindset that encourages you to ‘earn it’ is solid advice for bartenders, brewers, and everyone else who likes to imbibe.”

Cross and Clark started hosting work out events that ended with beer and cocktails. Arizona breweries like Scottsdale Beer Co., Helton Brewing, and Goldwater Brewing hosted events, and the liqueur brand St. Germain sponsored an event in Miami. Many of the events also give back to veterans. “Drinking responsibly is a piece of our culture,” Page, the “earn it” side of the brand, says, “as is exercising and taking care of ones self.” To bolster the brand’s workout cred, they brought Page on as a consultant to plan and lead the work outs. Page tailors the routines around where the event is being held in a way that people of all fitness levels can participate. Above everything else, he emphasizes whole-body workouts. “See, the common belief is if people drink or consume some alcohol, all of those calories are going to go right to their gut or belly, so they think they need to train their midsection or core to counterbalance the effects,” Page says. “This is simply not true – a calorie of alcohol is still a calorie to the body and it can be stored anywhere if not burned off or used for energy.”
Earn Your Booze found a following with people who enjoy CrossFit, yoga, and weight lifting, as well as with top bartenders like Pam Wiznitzer, brewers, and people who just enjoy a drink. Essentially, Cross says, Earn Your Booze is there to show that you can have a good time while maintaining your fitness. “When you embrace the ‘earn it’ mentality,” Cross says, “all areas of life improve.”

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