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#EarnYourWhiskey w/ EYB at TruFusion Blue Diamond

MARCH 30th, 4pm

EYB is headed to Las Vegas for the Nightclub & Bar Show!!

Join us for a FREE TruFusion Bootcamp with all mats, towels and equipment included PLUS a swag bag to take home

THEN come to the Earn Your Booze Seminar on April 1st to learn all about EYB and sip on complimentary Sagamore Spirit Cocktails


#EarnYourBooze #NCBShow20

@earnyourbooze @sagamorespirit

We are the hardest workers and biggest earners in the room.

We invest in ourselves, our businesses and our families.

We get what we want because we get $hit done and EARN EVERYTHING.

We don't apologize when we ring the bell and celebrate our victories.

We get One Life so EARN & ENJOY everything.

We are Earn Your Booze.

#EarnYourBooze @earnyourbooze


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